About TBGT Invitations

That Board Gaming Thing (TBGT) is an invitational event in its 16th year this year (as of 2019). The people who attend TBGT decide most of the criteria of the event. 

Many people have been coming to TBGT for years and look forward to seeing friends, old and new, this one special time each year.
It's important to note that:
  1. Having gone on for many years, there is a strong contingent of people who have come to make TBGT a yearly opportunity to catch up with friends over board games.
  2. While there are volunteer organizers who run TBGT, it is the attendees who decide most of the parameters of the event.
  3. Those attendees have consistently voted in surveys to keep the event at or near the size that it is now (and in the same location).
  4. They have also voted to keep the current nomination/invitation system in place.
  5. This has lead to us remaining at our current hotel and keeping attendance in a consistent range of around 230-250 people
We love to have new people join us, but these criteria put limitations on the number of people who can join each year. This has lead to the following nomination/invitation system:
  1. Someone who has already attended TBGT in the past, nominates someone (including their family members, if any) for an invitation prior to the deadline for the year (June 15th)
  2. Based on early registrations, predicted attendance, and the capacity of our current hotel space, the organizers decide how many invitations can be extended to new people.
  3. (Around June 16th) That number of names are randomly selected from the pool of nominations and invited.

If you're sure you can attend this year, speak with someone who has attended TBGT about nominating you for an invite.  It's a wonderful feeling that so many want to become a part of TBGT and equally distressing that some people may need to be turned away. (more on that below)

Happy Gaming!

The TBGT Crew

P.S. You've likely been in a simliar situation.  Perhaps you planned a wedding or other event.  Or a game day at your house. You only have so much room.  You can't fit everyone that you'd like to invite and the people attending have said they want to "keep it small".  How do you decide who to invite? 

The organizers decided to NOT make that decision. Instead, it is left up to the attendees how this all unfolds. This is, after all, their event.